Best Value Moped Style eBike: Radius Mission Euybike S4

Looking for the best eBike for your money?

We have been researching this segment for several weeks if not months. Looking at the top of the price range and the bottom. We had a budget of $1200. After eliminating a most moped-sytle models because they were out of budget. Then the Euybike S4 came into focus. The S4 ticked all the boxes and came delivered to our door for $1169.

While reviewing the Euybike S4 for the past few weeks, we have been thrilled with its performance. Research and real world testing have put the S4 on top of the best value moped-style ebike available.

The criteria for evaluating this eBike are as follows: Design & Style, Power, Battery / Range, & Ride Quality. Looking for an electric bike? If you like the aesthetic put the S4 on your list. It’s features are commonly found on bikes 2x & 3x the money such as Super 73.

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