Radius Smoothie Strips

While providing warranty service on many different brands of eBikes, I have encountered a flaw. eBike manufacturers are using thin, inadequate rim strips as a cost saving measure. This is prevalent on 20″, 24″ & 26″ fat tire eBikes with a single wall rim. These inner tubes are insufficiently protected by protruding spoke nipples and are susceptible to puncture.

eBikes have inner tubes that are insufficiently protected by protruding spoke nipples.

Some brands (undisclosed), have paid me to file down sharp edges of spoke nipples that are causing flat tires and a subsequent flood of warranty cases.

Introducing Smoothie Strips! We designed Smoothie Strips to help prevent flat tires on eBikes. Smoothie Foam Rims Strips are lightweight, supple and impact damping. Add a layer of rim-side protection from spoke nipples and burrs. Radius Smoothie Strips come in pairs. Bulk case sets are available for eBike Shops.