Smoothie Strips – Foam Rim Strips for eBikes 20″x3″ Fat


Smoothie Strips – Foam Rim Strips for eBikes, dramatically prevent rim-side tube puncture


Smoothie Strips prevent flat tires on eBikes. Many eBikes have inner tubes that are insufficiently protected by protruding spoke nipples. eBike manufacturers are using super thin, inadequate rim strips as a cost saving measure. Smoothie Foam Rims Strips are lightweight, supple and impact damping. Add a layer of rim-side protection from spoke nipples and burrs.

Application: Fat Tire 20″ x 3″ eBike rims
Includes: Pair (2)
Width: 51mm
Thickness: 4mm
Polyethylene foam
Padding and shock-absorption
Closed-cell, Lightweight
Tear resistant, Flexible
UPC: 769293809416

Additional information

Weight 0.09375 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in