Freego F3 Pro Max Premium Electric Bike 2000W Dual Motor eBike Dual Battery 55Ah

F3 Pro Max, 2000W/48V/55Ah, Electric Bike & Commuting Bike & Mountain Bike

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There are a few variations of this bike available:

Motor | Front and rear motors
1500 Watts (Nominal 750W x 2 Motors)
2000 Watts (Peak 1000W x 2 Motors)

Off-road Mode (Dual motor + Full power):
If you activate dual motor and select PAS level 5 at full throttle operation, you will get high speed of 34mph and extremely accelerated speed. But you will get short range.
Model F3 Pro (40Ah battery): 40 miles.
Model F3 Pro Max (55Ah battery): 55miles.

Battery | 1,920Wh & 2,640Wh
Model F3 Pro: 1,920Wh (48V, 20Ah & 20Ah)
Model F3 Pro Max: 2,640Wh (48V, 20Ah & 35Ah)

Charge Time | 7-10 hours
Charging hours depend on how much Battery energy you already used. In the first 5 hours, the battery is charged quickly. After then, it will be charged slowly till it is full. To keep the battery safe and durable, we recommend to charge slowly, like 2Amp. Fast charging may shorten battery lifetime and even damage it.

Top Speed | Class 3, Off-road Mode
You can shift between Class 3 and Off-road mode.

Range | 40-100miles
Depends on Battery capacity and Ride mode selection.
ECO mode: Please enable Single motor and adjust PAS Level 2 to Keep your average speed at 15-20mph, you will obtain long range mode.

Model F3 Pro (40Ah battery): 75 miles.
Model F3 Pro Max (55Ah battery): 103 miles.


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